101 Barrels 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley


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Here’s a wine created by two friends who are huge fans of Napa Valley Cabernet. They decided one day that since they loved it so much that they had to try to make one themselves. They also knew that since so much good juice was flowing in the Valley these days that if they looked hard enough they could very likely track down some that was first class. Well, they were right and 101 Barrels born. They managed to acquire, blend and age exactly 101 barrels of prime Napa Valley Cab, producing just over 2500 cases, a pittance when compared to any of the big name producers.The story continues, that they knew good Cab, they knew how to make and bottle good Cab. What they didn’t know is how to market good Cab. That’s where we came in. After tasting this primo quality Cab we made a lowball offer that to our surprise they accepted! So here it is ripe, lush Napa Valley Cab at a remarkable price. It’s even got an endorsement from a note sommelier. Martin Sheehan-Stross, Advanced Sommelier had th…


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