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Its no secret-aeration is key to releasing the full flavors and aromas of your wine. The Aveine Smart Aerator is the first of its kind and lets you enjoy a glass of perfectly aerated wine without the wait or hassle of decanting. Just plug the device onto the bottle neck and use the touch screen to adjust the aeration level for your specific wine and pour! Or use the free companion mobile app to scan your wine label and calibrate the aerator from the palm of your hands. Youll also get useful details for your tastings, like food and wine pairings and ideal service temperatures. Award-Winning Innovative Design Sleek brushed aluminum with simple-to-use touchscreen allows you to adjust the oxygenation time to your specific wine and adapts to room temperature. Neck position sensor ensures reproducibility throughout your tasting. Free mobile app connects to the device and sets the perfect aeration level with a quick scan of your wine bottle label. Micro-Oxygenation Technology As the wine passes through the aerator when serving, Aveine adds ambient air directly to the heart of the flow. The aerator then instantly reproduces the same level of aeration of the wine as if the bottle had been opened six hours before. Smart, All Around Enjoy and serve any wine at its best, anywhere, any time. Innovative portable design instantly aerates wine by the glass so you can easily preserve the rest of your bottle and allows you to aerate and serve several wine varietals at the same time-perfect for entertaining and wine tastings!


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