Bar Maid A-200 PRO Upright Glassware Washer


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Built for busy bars, the Bar Maid A Series Upright Electric Washer is economical and built to last. Five spinning brushes clean glassware inside and out simultaneously for crystal clear results every time. Cost-effective and invaluable, nothing cleans glassware faster and better. Saves Time Installs in virtually any bar sink in seconds. Instantly scrubs off tough stuff like lipstick and fruit pulp. Saves Work Cleans glasses on demand. No racks to load/unload and move,, which means less chance for breakage too. Saves Money Low purchase and operating costs, and no maintenance cost, plus less water and chemical usage. More Versatility Large selection of brushes to clean virtually any size and shape of glassware. More Profit Properly cleaned glassware results in better quality draught beer, often yielding many extra glasses per keg and thousands per year in profit. 2-Year Limited Warranty Bar Maid Corporation provides a 1-year limited warranty with a second year of coverage providing the owner sends in the warranty registration within 21 days of purchase. You must register with Bar Maid Corporation to get year two of the warranty. Approvals by ETL to: UL, CSA, NSF Electrical Requirement: 110V 60HTZ


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