Bar Maid GP-100 PRO Glassware Polisher


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Sparkling glassware means a sparkling reputation for your business. This portable glassware polisher is an essential tool for hotels, caterers, bars, restaurants, event venues and glassware rental companies for whom consistently brilliant glassware is critical. Equipped with five soft spinning polishing heads, the Bar Maid GP-100 PRO polishes the inside and outside of glassware while air blowing it dry in seconds-saving businesses valuable time and money and improving overall efficiency. Polishing heads for tall champagne flutes also available. Saves Time Bar staff spends much less time handling and polishing glasses and more time serving paying customers. Saves Money Can save businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year by reducing glassware replacement due to breakage during hand polishing. More Sanitary Customers enjoy clean, polished glassware with less chance of contamination. 2-Year Limited Warranty Bar Maid Corporation provides a 1-Year Limited Warranty with a second year of coverage providing the owner sends in the warranty registration within 21 days of purchase. You must register with Bar Maid Corporation to get year two of the warranty. Electrical Requirement: 110V 60HTZ


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