Benguela Cove 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, Lighthouse Collection, Walker B…


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Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate is a low yield farm, focused on producing premium estate wines in the Walker Bay wine region of South Africa. The estate boasts the longest stretch of ocean facing vineyards (1.6 mi.), grown at the lowest altitude (9 ft. above sea level). The vineyard position is unique, at the edge of the southern coast of South Africa. Here the south-easterly sea breeze is chilled by the Benguela Current flowing up from Antarctica, which plays a key part in the superb quality of these wines.Benguela Cove has erected its own lighthouse, an ode to this marginal climate close to the ocean. Stormy winds, once a threat to ships end route to the Cape, now cool the vines anchored in the terroir. Dedicated to the craft of allowing each wine to tell its own story, only estate-grown grapes are used to encapsulate this quintessential cool climate.Grapes for this Lighthouse Collection Sauvignon Blanc were harvested in the cool of the morning from ocean-facing northern and sout…


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