Blankenhorn Schliengen Chasselas Le Clocher 2019


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At Blankenhorn, owner Martin Männer and cellar master Yvonne Männer are the kinds of perfectionists that German wine lovers adore: they’re obsessed in all the right ways with making sure each of their Baden wines has the right amount of time to mature in bottle before release. Not only time matters but also the vessel which is why this tight-knit family team uses large barrels holding up to 3,000 liters. The finished product is elegant wine all the more refined for being crafted from fruit that grows in certified sustainable vineyards. While Blankenhorn regards Gutedel as a great intro to its impressive portfolio, it also recommends its 2016 Sonnenstück Chardonnay GG and is proud of all its range from its Spätburgunder to its international varietals. A VDP member since 1987, Martin and Yvonne work across 24,00 acres of clay-rich terroir in their 19th-century winery.This wine displays a fine, elegant structure. A perfect combination of light fruits and an invigorating acidity, it undergoes spontaneous fermentation, with at least 10 months storage in barrels on lees. Part malolactic fermentation adds body and richness.Ideal pairing dishes include zucchini and tomato casserole and cauliflower casserole coated in nuts.Bottle750ml, CorkVarietalChasselasAlcohol12.7%RegionBaden, Germany


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