Chateau Belvue 2020 Cuvee Prestige, Bordeaux


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A long-standing farming family, the Roures have managed this property for four generations. The adventure began in 1971 when Michel and Yvette Roure bought the seven-hectare estate. They worked hard, gra-dually expanding and restructuring the winery, which had been abandoned, with several buildings in ruins. In 1993, their son Laurent joined them. They have passed on their expertise, experience and high standards to Laurent, his sister and his wife, who continue to produce high quality wines. The property is certified HEV 3. That means that this Farm Certification, based on performance indicators, guarantees a farm’s high level of environmental performance. So not only is this wine produced in an environmentally thoughtful manner, but you can taste that quality in every sip!This Cuvee Prestige (or highest quality blend from this winery) was awarded the Gold Medal in the Gilbert and Gaillard International Wine Competition where it was described as ‘Precise, fruity nose showing delica…


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