Clos LaChance 2019 Chardonnay, Monterey


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In 1987, co-owners Bill and Brenda Murphy decided to plant a few rows of Chardonnay in their Saratoga backyard, both for landscaping purposes and to realize their dreams of being small-scale vintners. A few years later, the wines produced from this small backyard vineyard were good enough to sell to the public. It was at this point that Clos LaChance formed into a commercial winery. The first released wines were from the 1992 vintage. Clos LaChance Winery takes its name from the small fenced-in area encompassing a vineyard (Clos) and from co-owner Brenda Murphy’s maiden name (LaChance). The grapes are whole-cluster pressed to stainless steel tanks where there are cold settled at 45 degrees for 48 hours. The juice is then racked into oak where it is fermented on 30% New French oak and 70% Neutral French oak. The wine is aged “sur lie”, meaning that the wine is stirred periodically to reincorporate the lees to increase the mouthfeel and body of the wine. The wine is aged on oak for 14…


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