Coppola 2019 Gia Riesling Orange Wine, Lake County, 1 Liter


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Inspired to design a brand that reflected her creative personality, Gia Coppola collaborated with Francis and the winemakers to present a new style of wine – one that’s light and unpretentious. This is her orange wine. Made of 100% Riesling. sourced from cool climate Lake County in California’s North Coast. The orange hue comes from allowing to juice to macerate with the skins of the grapes giving it just a hint of color plus additional body, tannin and flavors. This fun, fresh, and slightly funky orange bears a prettiest golden blush, with an elegant structure and blossoming layers of juicy summer stone fruit and melon, mixed with hints of dark clove and nutmeg. The quirky photo on the label is shot by Gia herself. 1 L


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