Coravin Screw Caps (Set of 6)


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The Coravin(R) Screw Caps provide wine lovers with the ability to pour and enjoy their favorite screw cap wines. The Coravin Screw Cap expands the possibilities of the Coravin Wine Preservation Opener by allowing people to pour and protect wines closed under screw cap for up to three months. Unique Design Protects Your Wines Coravin Screw Caps combine self-sealing silicone with a premium cap liner to create a tight seal, protecting wine up to 3 months. Each cap withstands 50 punctures Compatible Across The Coravin Line Quickly unscrew the bottle’s cap and replace it with a Coravin Screw Cap. Then, access and pour as your normally would with any Coravin Wine Preservation Opener. (Sold Separately)


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