Cruz Garcia Real Sangria Red


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For centuries, sangria has been one of the most popular drinks in Spain. Traditional sangria is a blend of Spanish red wine and fruits. Its origins can be traced to the southern region of Spain, where it was first used as a refreshing way to endure the summer’s heat. In 1964 at the World’s Fair in New York City, the Spanish Pavillion served the sweet and refreshing drink to thirsty visitors and it was an instant success. Sangria quickly became an essential drink of the new century. Since then, Sangria has gone from being a popular beverage seen predominantly at Spanish restaurants to its current position as the go-to drink for when friends and family get together. The Versatility of Reál Sangria makes it the ideal drink for every occasion, great with tapas or as a complement to any delicious meal. Real Sangria is made 100% from Spanish wine and natural citrus fruit flavors. A truly authentic Spanish Sangria. 750 ml


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