CVNE Monopole Clasico Blanco Seco 2017


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There’s nothing like a cold, crisp white wine on a hot day. Try this CVNE Rioja Blanco Clasico Monopole and just see if you don’t agree. Your first sip will be even better if you have it with fried calamari and a lemon/chive aioli. For the main course, pair it with a summer classic: lobster rolls. Our advice: mayo and melted butter; top-sliced buns, toasted, and yes to the lettuce. Another summer favorite of ours would work equally well: salt and pepper sauteed swordfish on a bed of corn and shitakes. Or, try a light supper or lunch of a corn and avocado salad topped with a homemade tarragon vinaigrette. This Monopole wouldn’t taste half bad next to a slice of apricot tarte tatin topped with a dollop of creme fraiche. That is, if you’re in the mood for dessert. Otherwise, just pour another glass and savor it a little longer. Winery: “Slight yellow greenish colour. Seductive scent of spring, white flowers and fresh tropical fruit. In the mouth nice and long, leaving a slight acidity that gives a feeling of freshness that results in an increased potential retronasal aroma. Ideal companion for appetizers, snacks, fish and seafood. Service temperature 46º-50ºF. Monopole is the oldest white wine brand of Spain. CVNE has produced this wine since 1915.” Bottle: 750ml, cork Varietal:100% Viura Alcohol %: 13.0Total Acidity g/L: 5.51pH:3.36Aging:Stainless steel tanks Region:Rioja, Northern Spain


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