Dom Perignon Lady Gaga, Limited Edition 2008 Rose Brut


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The next chapter in the special Limited Edition bottlings of Dom Perignon features Lady Gaga. This is the story of two creators – Lady Gaga and Dom Perignon, embodied by its Chef de Cave. Their distinct paths cross in an inspired collaboration sparked by a shared belief in absolute creative freedom. Today, uniting their energies to spark inspiration. The design of this limited edition, rippling and shifting, is itself a visual ode to creativity. A vital impulse. A celebration of those who push boundaries.The classic prestige cuvee from the house of Moet & Chandon Limited Edition Lady Gaga is the 2008 vintage. Dom Pérignon Rosé is a tribute to Pinot Noir. To work with Pinot Noir continually requires excellence and humility. In that regard, Dom Pérignon Rosé is a paradox to the point of contradiction as it is the perfect balance of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Although it took over ten years to reach the light of day, the color of Dom Pérignon Rosé dares to express all the tension betwe…


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