Domaine Jasmin 2017 Cote Rotie


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The Jasmin family, originally from the Champagne region, gottheir start in Côte Rôtie not on the steep hillsides, but in the kitchen ofChâteau d’Ampuis. Alexandre Jasmin moved his family to the south when theposition of Chef was offered to him. At the time, Ampuis was already known asthe heart of Côte Rôtie and Alexandre did not want to miss out on his chance tobe a part of the local culture. When the opportunity to purchase the vineyardadjacent to the Château d’Ampuis he jumped at it. Four generations later,Alexandre’s great-grandson, Patrick is continues the Jasmin family’s winemakingtradition. Patrick’s father, Robert, is identified as being the one who raisedthe domaine’s level of quality to new heights before his untimely death in1999. Today, Patrick maintains this level of quality and signature finesse ofthe Jasmin wines.The Domaine has 13 acres on 11 parcels spread out on Côte Blonde and CôteBrune. Average age of Jasmin’s vines is 30 years old. The oldest vines were planted i…


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