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Introducing EuroCave Inspiration The heart of the home, the kitchen is no longer reserved just for cooking. A place to gather and spend time together, it is open to all the family and often friends too. The kitchen has become a place where good times are shared, things are created, ideas germinate and chemistry happens In this respect, the kitchen is just like the host: practical, welcoming and full of life! Which is why wine lovers often choose to store their best bottles there. Because shared moments, around a table or in a bar, are usually the perfect time for enjoying a glass of wine. UNDERSTATED & ELEGANT Clean lines, ergonomic curves… Inspiration’s design was devised to be timeless, perfectly complement your kitchen and provide unprecedented ease of use. Time for understated design Technical elements are concealed The air vent is invisible, the handles can no longer be seen and the hand grip is discreet. Time for elegance. The bottles are lit by gentle amber lighting and the labels of your best bottles are beautifully set off by new shelves. The “plus point”: the control panel’s backlit touch controls give your kitchen a subtle, high-tech feel. PERFORMANCE A brand synonymous with quality, Inspiration benefits from all of EuroCave’s know-how, expertise and high standards in terms of storing and serving wine. EuroCave, creator of the wine cabinet in 1976, offers long-term premium solutions. Inspiration cabinets guarantee a stable, controlled temperature, low energy consumption and low noise levels. To ensure the highest level of performance, cabinet bodies in the Inspiration range are equipped with high quality, durable materials: aluminium interior, reinforced insulation, high strength external panelling and a unique cabinet body design. MODULARITY Not custom-made, but close Built-in or flush-fitted, the Inspiration range adapts to your kitchen and the space in which it is installed. Size XS, S, M or L Inspiration offers a choice of four cabinet sizes that can store from 17 up to 89 bottles! Size XS has a maximum capacity of 17 bottles. Size S is similar to “dishwasher” size and its maximum capacity is 30 bottles. Size M is equivalent to an average-sized wine cabinet and its maximum capacity is 59 bottles 2 Size L is equivalent to a large wine cabinet and its maximum capacity is 89 bottles 2 You can store, display or stand your full or open bottles upright according to your requirements because Inspiration allows you the freedom to choose from three types of shelf! Full glass door (fully glazed, without a frame), glass door with stainless steel frame, glass door or solid door specially designed to be fitted with front panels to match those of your kitchen units a wide choice of options to ensure your cabinet blends seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. PROTECTION Inspiration benefits from all of EuroCave’s technology and reproduces all of the conditions required for optimal wine maturing: a constant temperature, humidity levels between 50 and 80%, a constant circulation of air, glass doors with highly effective U.V. screening offering optimal insulation and protection from vibration. Inspiration has cutting-edge interior equipment, specially designed to store your bottles in optimal conditions. EuroCave’s “Main du Sommelier” supports hold individual bottles and adapt to their shape. These, together with EuroCave’s unique shelf system ensure optimal protection from vibration. And for even better protection, all the cabinets in the Inspiration range are fitted with a safety thermostat, lock (depending on the type of door) and alarms to ensure that the cabinet is operating correctly at all times. With its range of temperatures between 5 and 20C, this wine cabinet is perfect for ageing your wines. You can also convert it to a wine serving cabinet dedicated only to your white or red wines. This model forms part of Eurocave’s inspiration range: available in built-in or integrated versions, these wine cabinets have been especially designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen. You can fit it with sliding shelves a maximum of 17 bottles with 2 sliding shelves The L wine cabinet Internal fitments for your wine cabinet: -The Premium pack comprises 14 sliding shelves allowing you to store 89 bottles. -Dimensions: 71.7″H x 23.4″W x 23.2″D The plus points of the Inspiration range: Restraint and Elegance Combining stylishness with ease of use, the Inspiration range will fit perfectly into your kitchen. -Mood lighting (patented system) -Screen with backlit tactile keys -Handle built in to the door -Invisible air vent


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