Eurocave Professional 4000 Series Wine Cellar – Single Zone – Solid Door – Right Hinged (Door Opens Left To Right) by Wine Enthusiast


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Enjoy the world-class performance of EuroCave with professional styling and exceptional storage versatility. Individually handcrafted and built in France, the EuroCave 4000 re-creates the conditions of natural deep French wine cellars with consistent temperature and humidity control. Unique multi-purpose shelves allow you to store and showcase all types of bottles any way you wish: vertically and horizontally flat, standing and stacking, in multiple combinations. Whether youre interested in capacity, display or both, the EuroCave 4000 gives you the luxury of beautifully storing your wine your way. One Compartment, Two Temperature Zone Options EuroCave 4000 Series Cellars provide optimal conditions for storing and servicing any wine collection in a streamlined single compartment. Single-zone cellar can bet set from 42 to 64 F and is ideal for storing and aging collections of primarily red wine. Innovative multi-zone cellar provides flexible storage for red and white wine collectors and brings your wines to the correct service temperature perfectly. The bottom zone can be adjusted from 41F to 50 F for whites, ross and sparkling wine and the top zone from 59F to 68F for reds, creating a natural middle temperature zone for storage. Precise Touchscreen Controls Sophisticated, sensitive control panel with hygrometer provides accurate temperature and humidity readings and lets you set precise storage temperatures. Active Humidity Control with Alarm System Combination of hygrometer, lava rock cassette and alarm system lets you easily monitor and control humidity levels as needed. Alarm system alerts if the temperature or humidity fluctuates beyond acceptable levels, and for open door and charcoal filter replacement. Universal Shelving System Sliding beechwood shelves with steel gliders can accommodate all types of bottles and lets you store and showcase your collection in multiple ways. Bottles can be stacked, standing or laid vertically or horizontally, in any combination of your choice. Front Door Options Choice of double-pane glass or solid door provides tailored protection against heat, humidity and light for different ambient temperatures and environments. LED Interior Lighting Low heat white LED lighting enables easy viewing of your wine collection and enhances the showcase feature of the display shelf. | Wine Enthusiast


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