EuroCave Pure-Professional L Dual Zone Wine Cellar


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NEW from the innovative minds of EuroCave comes this combination Professional/Pure Line of Wine Cellars. EuroCave Pure re-creates the natural deep French wine cellar climate ensuring consistent optimum storage temperature and relative humidity levels while also allowing for accurate service temperature as well. It boasts up to an energy efficiency rating of A+ (A for Glass Door) making it a very “green” way to store and serve your finest wines. With its soft LED display lighting and full glass door features, the Professional/Pure Cellars offers beauty and elegance while keeping your most prized wines safe and ready to serve.Most Energy EfficientEuroCave has created a wine cabinet that contributes to protecting the environment by reducing its energy consumption. Up to 55% less energy consumed compared to traditional wine cabinets.Touchscreen Controls with Dual Temperature Zones With Dual Zone functionality both the top zone (whites) and the bottom zone (reds) are accurately controlled using the sophisticated and sensitive controls to maintain ideal serving temperatures. The temperature of the red wine service zone is adjustable from 59-68 F and the temperature of the white wine service zone is adjustable from 41-52 F.LED Amber LightingLow heat display LED lighting enables easy viewing of your wine collection and enhances the showcase feature of the display shelf.MDS Adjustable Shelving SystemMain du Sommelier (“Hand of the Sommelier”) shelving features 12 adjustable “hands” that cradle your bottles individually and securely, just as a restaurant sommelier would. Each individual hand is a slightly concave bottle-holder lined with rubber insets to prevent bottles from rolling, rattling, or clinking together when sliding the shelf (in or out).


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