EuroCave Revelation Presentation Shelf


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Presentation option – For sliding shelves EuroCave Revelation Wine Cellar Important facts A functional and attractive shelf The articulated shelf allows elegant inclined presentation of bottles which are placed in an articulated support. When the shelf is pulled out, the support facilitates access to the bottles stored. The EuroCave articulated display kit combines advanced technology and aesthetic appeal Compatible for sliding shelves of the Revelation Wine Cellar The articulated display kit is made up of a fixed half-shelf and a kit that is mounted on a sliding shelf in this way combining storage, easy access to bottles and inclined bottle presentation; This model is compatible with the EuroCave cabinets in the Revelation range. The recesses of the storage half-shelf are universal and can hold Alsace, traditional Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles. Dimensions: 21- 1/5″ H X 21- 1/5″ W X 12- 1/5″ D


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