Eurocave Royale Wine Cellar Left Hinge (Mineral Grey) by Wine Enthusiast


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Over the past 40 years Eurocave has been devoted to the research and development of durable products that ensure optimal wine maturing for its customers. Which is why one day, they set out to design THE BEST WINE CELLAR IN THE WORLD. “Today, we are proud to say that we have succeeded in channeling all of our wine maturation know-how and expertise into designing an exceptional wine cabinet, Royale.” – Sebastien Bussonnire, Researcher, EuroCave engineering and design department Just like a wise man guiding his disciples, Royale, whose intrinsic functions are close to perfect, transmits to its precious bottles all of the knowledge, expertise and skill that EuroCave has developed over the past 40 years. In this way, your fine wines will be able to reach their long-awaited prime. Wine maturing is the time it takes for wine to improve, fully develop its qualities and reach the stage in which it fully expresses itself, i.e. reaches its prime! An Unparalleled Design Like a jeweler carefully working on a unique, precious jewel, EuroCave’s hands have paid meticulous attention to every detail of Royale. Autonomous Humidity Control & Regulation System Thanks to the patented “Hygrocontrol System” the Royale holds a stable Humidity of 70% at all times with no adjustments or settings needed. Ideal Aging Temperature…. Automatically 53F is the ideal aging temperature observed in natural cellars. The Royale holds a perfect 53F with a maximum fluctuation of +/-5F all automatically, no temperature settings required. Controlled Air Quality The new generation of charcoal filter allows for the highest air quality possible. The filter traps Organic Volatile Compounds reducing smells and toxicity inside the wine cellar. After 3 months of use, 70% of the organic volatile compounds are trapped and the air inside your Royale is cleaner than the room! Limited Vibrations Every detail of the Royale has been designed to reduce vibration and allow your wine to age naturally without damage. Attenuated Vibration Details: – Compressor is isolated from the cabinet and lies on high performance silent blocs which help deaden vibration transmission – Bi-material feet designed to absorb external vibrations – The evaporator is embedded in a polyurethane foam – The shelves do not touch the rear wall – The sliding guides reduce vibrations (shelf does not directly touch the inner walls) – The feet of the cabinet are individually adjustable and offer perfect stability The Alarms Stay on top of your Wine Cellar. A full set of notifications will let you know what is happening with your Royale. – Temperature Alarm – Low Humidity Alarm – High Humidity Alarm – Humidity Sensor Fault Alarm – Temperature Sensor Fault Alarm – Open Door Alarm – Charcoal Filter Replacement Triple Glazed Door with Argon Gas Thanks to the triple glazed door with argon gas more than 99% of the UV rays are filtered Prevents oxidation and maintains the integrity of all wine as extended exposure to harmful light and UV rays can cause spoilage and undesired flavor characteristics in your most prized wines. | Wine Enthusiast


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