Gabriel-Glas The StandArt Glass – 2 Pack


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The glass is ideal for every style of wine. Form follows function: The broader base of the bowl of the glass – a precise 95 millimeters – and the conical shape at the top of the glass- allows for the “nose” of a wine, its top, middle and a base notes to emerge in the glass. The glass acts as a gentle decanter. The shape is designed for the maximum enjoyment of every varietal and style of wine served in the glass.The Gabriel-Glas is strong by design. Each glass is either molded as one piece, seamless with no stress points (e.g. at the base of the bowl, or base of the stem like many other glasses). Gabriel-Glas, of Austria, is lead-free crystal and perfectly safe in your dishwasher.Your nose actually fits in the glass and makes drinking the wine much easier, because you do not have to lift your entire head backwards in order to let the wine flow onto the palate. The shape of our glass to allow for the wine to flow freely onto your palate with a focused, rather than defused, distribution of wine normally created by bulbous-style wine glasses. This provides for perfect extraction of the wine, balanced between the acidity and its sweetness. Because of the broader base and narrow opening of the glass, the wine flow is more broadly distributed.Varietal useOne glass fits all Volume16.0 ozHeight9.0″Width4.3″MaterialLead-freeDishwasherSafe


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