Gaja Rossj-Bass Chardonnay 2019


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Gaja’s supremacy and cachet are not solely attributable to the family’s Barbaresco. The Gaja name represents a legacy of quality that has evolved since the family immigrated from Spain over 300 years ago. The famed Rossj-Bass is produced from Chardonnay grapes grown in estate-owned Rossj vineyard, named for Angelo Gaja’s younger daughter Rossana (Rossj). Bass is Piedmontese for the Italian basso, meaning low, a name derived from the vineyard’s position. Pheasants are featured on Rossj-Bass’ label to commemorate the beautiful birds that inhabit the forests adjacent to Gaja’s vineyards. We tasted this bottling last week and absolutely fell in love with it. The Rossj-Bass is a Chardonnay unlike any other you will taste. A very special bottle indeed and we are honored to have a few. Winery: Color: Golden. Aroma: Fine perfume of citrus fruits and flowers with a hint of honey. Taste: Considerable depth. Elegant body, definite character and good acidity; a fresh, lingering finish.” Bottle:750ml, corkVarietal:100% ChardonnayAlcohol:13.5%Aging:Aged in barriques for 6-7 monthsRegion:Langhe, Piedmont, Italy


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