Groth Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015


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We visited the Groth winery in Napa Valley many years ago and do not recommend missing the layered, deep, dark personality of this Groth Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. It requires big, meaty flavors. Dennis Groth recommends you drink his Cabernets with steak, so a slab and a Cab it is winelovers! Your favorite steak with a slightly charred edge will win big. How about a strip steak with garlicky olivada? We love this big Napa Cabernet with pot roast pork shoulder braised to heavenly tenderness, with prunes. Its rich flavor will be the perfect match for this Groth’s lushness and cherry and berry flavors. Another great option is braised or roasted lamb. Keep in mind that Mediterranean flavors like mint and garlic will enhance the lamb beautifully. Try a delicious dish of braised lamb shanks with broccoli and squash. Pour your first glasses to go with porcini phyllo cups and make sure you’re sitting down before you take your first bite or sip; there could be swooning. And finally, not typically in the wine and food pairing books, this seriously concentrated Napa Cab will work beautifully with a good homemade mac and cheese topped with either some truffle oil, or if you’re feeling flush, make it truffle shavings. You won’t believe your mouths. Depending on your preferences, you can wind the meal down with a powerhouse cheese such as a Stilton or a ripe Camembert as you drain another bottle. Or, a velvety bittersweet chocolate mousse topped with fresh whipped cream and raspberries will do nicely. What’ll it be winelovers? Winery: “The Cabernet Sauvignon is big and lush with huge gobs of fruit in the aroma and flavor. The texture of the wine is soft and supple, typical of Cabernet Sauvignons grown in our area of the Oakville AVA. The sweet vanilla character derived from 22 months in the barrels blends well with the black cherry and blackberry flavors and aromas of the wine. This is Cabernet, so of course it will be great with steak. With its big fruit character and crisp acidity, be sure to consider more subtle cuts such as tenderloin (filet mignon). As an alternative, it will be equally at home alongside a big, juicy pork chop.” Bottle:750ml, cork Varietal:80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot Aging:22 months in 40% new French oak barrelsAlcohol:14.5% Region:Oakville, Napa Valley, California


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