Gruet Brut American Sparkling Rose NV


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Fill your glasses and toast your true love and/or your guests with an appetizer of fresh pasta tossed with a light cream sauce, white wine, lobster, tarragon and lemon rind, which will pair beautifully with this Gruet Methode Champenoise Brut Rose. Your choices for entrees are many, from raw to cooked seafood, poultry and pork, salads and more. For a stunning visual, make it a beet risotto. Pork braised in champagne vinegar will have your mouths watering long before it comes out of the oven. And finally, our personal favorite, panko coated chicken schnitzel. Nothing says love like a schnitzel, winelovers. For dessert, fill up those glasses and bring out a Middle Eastern Ossmalleya Kashta drizzled with rose syrup. It’s heaven on a plate, and the perfect ending to a memorable holiday gathering. Winery: “This nearly garnet Rose, like all our non-vintage sparkling wines, is aged 24 months en tirage. It has a lovely, bright floral bouquet with hints of strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. On the palate, it is rich and fruity in a dry, Brut style. The flavor of berries continues on the palate, revealing more strawberry, raspberry, cherry. This sparkler is lots of fun and very festive. Production is limited to 5,000 cases. Our Rose NV was first released in 2004 under limited production. After enjoying a bottle of sparkling wine in Napa, we wondered if we could produce a Rose ourselves and maintain the quality we had become known for. Our Rose NV now is one of our most popular sparkling wines. We fondly refer to it as “the juice of love”. Gilbert Gruet started making Champagne in 1952 in his hometown of Bethon, France. It was during a family trip to the southwestern United States that the Gruet family met a group of European winemakers who had successfully planted vineyards in New Mexico. The following year, Gilbert’s children, Laurent and Nathalie, moved to New Mexico to start a new journey for this Champagne family. 1987 was the first vintage, and after aging the wines en tirage for the required two years, Gruet put New Mexico on the wine map with its first release in 1989. The Gruet vineyards reach 4300 feet in elevation, making them some of the highest in the United States. While daytime temperatures are quite warm, night can bring drops of up to 30 degrees, cooling down the grapes and slowing maturation. Gruet grows in sand and loam soils in an area that lacks humidity. This decreases disease pressure, allowing grapes to be grown without the use of pesticides. It has a classic dry Brut style, with a delicious mix of dark red berries and fruit, a lush mouthfeel, and a lively floral persona to boot.” Bottle:750ml, cork Varietal:100% Pinot Noir Aging:24 months en tirage Acidity:6.8ppm Residual Sugar: 1.0pH:3.14 Alcohol:12.0% Region:New Mexico


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