Gut Hermannsberg Riesling Sekt Brut


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“Dogma isn’t our thing” is the motto of Gut Hermannsberg. In the vineyard, they consider the ecosystem with every move they make, mindful that it is the key ingredient to the unique quality of their wines. In the cellar, the team likes to step back from the winemaking process letting time take care of the important things.Riesling is the great love at Gut Hermannsberg and the wines are treated with the utmost respect. Vines are cultivated to reflect the terroir in which they are grown, producing pure, three-dimensional wines with personality. Gut Hermannsberg produces 150,000 bottles annually. Riesling covers 95% while Weissburgunder covers the remainder.Light and refreshing yet elegant and mineral, the Riesling Brut has a very attractive balance of apple and citrus aromas with a discreet creaminess from sur lie aging. Since the first release based on 2016 base wines the aging has been extended to a minimum two years in bottle and that considerably improved both the harmony and the texture of the mousse. Now we are very close to perfecting this product that is an important ambassador for our style of Riesling, marrying real character with immediate charm.As well suited to drinking with fish dishes as by itself the Riesling Brut has a lightness and freshness that appeals to everyone who likes the wines of this grape or other crisp dry white wines and/or lighter champagnes.Winemaking: Champagne method with the second fermentation in bottle and at least two years on the lees in bottle.


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