Handcrafted Wooden Cheese Grotto Mezzo


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The aspiring connoisseur can now age, store, and serve artisanal cheeses in the traditional European manner with this handcrafted fromagerie. Akin to a humidor, it uses a water moistened clay brick to control humidity and has a breathable back panel for curing. With a smaller footprint that fits even modest spaces, this woodsy statement piece holds up to two pounds of cheese with a pullout shelf for serving at peak perfection, directly from the countertop. The Grotto Mezzo is a one-shelf size that fits up to 2 pounds of cheese of varying sizes and styles. With a base of 7 inches by 9 inches and a height of 6 inches, the Grotto Mezzo is an ideal storage solution for serving and storing cheeses throughout the week. The back panel is breathable, making for a perfect climate for simple, long-term storage of wedges and wheels of cheese in the refrigerator or short term storage on the kitchen counter. Use & Care For long term storage of cheese, it is recommended to keep the Cheese Grotto at refrigeration temperatures (34F to 39 F, preferably 39F). For 7 to 10 days, you can store cheese in the Grotto under 70F, like the French do. Hand wash bamboo shelf with extremely hot water and a splash of distilled white vinegar. Black shelf is dishwasher safe. Allow the Grotto shelves to air dry between uses For maintenance of the bamboo shelf, a monthly application of mineral oil is recommended Dimensions: 9L x 7W x 6H


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