Hawks Cove 2017 Pinot Noir, Momtazi Vyd., Willamette Valley


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In biodynamic* farming and grape growing, insects, farm animals and wild animals all play a role in maintaining the balance of nature throughout the farm and vineyards. The hawk’s role is to keep rodent populations in check so bees, worms, insects and microbes can carry out their important work. So you will see perches for these raptors in the vineyards inviting them to play their part. The result is healthy, richly endowed grapes like the ones sourced for this 2017 Hawks Cove Pinot Noir.The Dijon clones grown in this single vineyard block are perfectly suited to the cool Willamette Valley climate that in 2017 extend the growing season, allowing long hang time and complex flavor development while retaining, vibrant, lively acidity. The health of these biodynamically grown grapes allowed the winemaker to provide minimal intervention as the fermentation took place spontaneously with wild native yeasts. A gentle pump over and state-of-the-art Pulsair tanks provided ideal maceration of…


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