Il Chiosso 2015 Gattinara


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Historically the “Chiosso”, in Northern Piedmont represents a vineyard that is bordered by a stone wall: the walls symbolizes the importance attached to a particular cru by winemakers for its propensity to create unique wines. Abstracting the same concept to create wines that excel in the quality vinified in the new winery in Gattinara. Il Chiosso’s vineyards are spread over the whole Northern Piedmont area, where the Sesia river marks the natural boundary between the provinces of Vercelli and Novara, and divides the hills of Gattinara D.O.C.G. and Ghemme D.O.C.G. The whole area is characterized by lean soil, originated by deposits of erosion, carried downstream by the Monte Rosa glacier.And the hills of Gattinara vary in height between 918 and 1,476 feet above sea level. These are ideal conditions for growing Nebbiolo grapes. In collaboration with the University of Milano, Il Chiosso uses the “Lotta Integrata” approach in the vineyards, eliminating the use of insecticides in favor…


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