iSommelier Smart Decanter with Bonus Single Glass Carafe


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Imagine turning one hour wait time into just one minute to enjoy the perfect glass of wine. With iSommelier you wont have to. This smart decanter makes every wine taste as fine as it should using a revolutionary molecular air filtration system that enhances flavors and aromas of wine in just minutes, and brings it to a state of maturity that can only be achieved from years of cellaring A Unique Technology “iSommelier does what it says it can do. I decanted a complex Cabernet Sauvignon in 3 minutes and it tasted better then if I had waited an hour” – Brandon G.iSommelier eliminates all limitations during conventional decanting. It is the first smart decanter using a revolutionary technology that reinvents the decanting experience to enhance the flavors and aromas of the wine in just a few minutes. iSommelier also softens the tannins and transports the wine to a stage of maturity that would otherwise require years of cellaring. Also improve your spirits in minutes! The iSommelier is capable of decanting your favorite spirits. Efficient Decanting, Enhanced Taste The efficient and convenient aeration process of iSommelier suits the rapid pace of modern life. Highly concentrated, purified oxygen comes in contact with the full body of the wine more evenly and makes the aeration more efficient, reducing the traditionally required long decanting times to just minutes. Purified & Highly Concentrated Oxygen iSommelier filters the ambient air to remove any impurities (moisture, dust, odors) and isolates oxygen from nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It aerates wine with a constant flow of purified and highly concentrated oxygen thanks to its advanced oxygen extraction system, which uses no chemicals. Patented Glass Decanter Purified and highly concentrated oxygen flows upwards into the specially designed tube inside the patented decanter. It then reverses direction and flows downwards and back out into every milliliter of the wine. iFavine APP and Network iFAVINE Network includes a substantial amount of wine and winery information, plus recommendations from professionals on decanting times. Users can understand more about their wine by accessing the iFAVINE Network through the APP. Communication between winemakers and consumers will be improved, creating a greater experience for everyone. Touch Control Panel Allows you to set your favorite decanting times for convenient use in order to suit your palate. There are also touch buttons to start, pause and stop the control of your decanting progress.


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