Jean-Luc Colombo 2016 Cornas, Les Ruchets


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Innovation, passion and dedication are what drives Jean-Luc and Anne Colombo, whose contributions to Rhône Valley winemaking is unparalleled. A devotee of the Syrah grape, Colombo’s innovative approach in the northern appellation of Cornas is nothing short of revolutionary. Today, Jean-Luc Colombo’s wines express the typicity of their terroir with elegance and character. The Colombo winery is based in Cornas, the smallest appellation in the Rhône Valley. Covering only 325 acres, it is nonetheless highly delineated with incredibly diverse microclimates that make an extraordinary impact on the profile of the wines. With a strong Mediterranean influence, summers here are warm. Ancient vineyards are found mostly on steep, south-facing terraced slopes. Decomposed granite soils and stressed growing conditions greatly contribute to the quintessential quality and character of Cornas wines. Cornas AOC has strict laws. Irrigation is not permitted and maximum yields are just over two tons per…


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