Kubota Hyakuju Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake 720ml


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Brewery: “Basic Kubota line. Dry and crisp, with a mild, modest flavor. Easy to drink, with an ever-evolving flavor that you won’t get tired of.Recommended to serve slightly chilled to enjoy a refreshing taste, or to serve slightly warmed to enjoy the round, delicious flavor.” Importer: “A dry Sake with a reserved personality that one will not tire of drinking – this is the fundamental of the Kubota series, “Kubota Hekiju”. Well rounded with no edge, delicious chilled and enjoyed with food.Food Pairings: Mapo Tofu, Hot pot”Bottle720ml, screw capClassTokubetsu HonjozoRiceGohyakumangokuRice Polishing60%Alcohol15%ProfileDry, lightServing TemperatureWarm or ColdRegionChubu, Japan


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