Lacrau 2016 Reserva Red, Douro


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The Lacrau wines come from the Quinta da Faisca, Rui and Gonçalo’s 42 acre estate located in the central, Cima Corgo, zone of the Douro in the town of Favaios. Here in the Cima Corgo zone, there is the influence of both Atlantic and Mediterranean climates, allowing for a more balanced ripening of the fruit. The Douro is a hilly region, comparable to Burgundy, and is the world’s largest island of schist. The vineyards here are terraced, as necessitated by the hilly landscape, so all the vineyard work and harvesting must be conducted by hand. The carving of the terraces in the vineyard also creates a schist powder that forms a water-retaining clay when it combines with the soil. This is crucial in a dry region such as the Douro. At an elevation of 600 meters, the terroir of Faisca is excellent for white varieties with an average daytime temperature of 35° celsius, and 20°, or cooler, at night. This is a field blend of Touriga Fanca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, and Touriga Nacional. Th…


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