Le Creuset Lever Style Corkscrew Gift Set


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Screwpull innovation and engineering have given way to timeless lever-driven designs as functional as they are groundbreaking – including the Original Lever, developed from the very first Screwpull lever model. Screwpull’s legendary smooth lever action is based on the idea of mechanical advantage. As pressure is applied at one end of the lever handle, power is multiplied at the corkscrew, making it easier to open the bottle with one fluid motion. Features Easily removes stubborn or fragile corks Design based on Screwpull’s classic lever and grip Replaceable corkscrew Foilcutter in matching finish included Packaged in a classic black gift box ideal for gift-giving and storage This corkscrew is not meant for use with synthetic corks. 10 Year Limited Warranty Le Creuset, the manufacture, guarantees the Screwpull Lever Model for ten years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, maintenance, or the consequences of abuse, or commercial use (e.g. in a restaurant or bar). You will find details enclosed about limitations, cleaning and the need to replace the screw occasionally. | Wine Enthusiast


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