Legnoart Enoteca Wall-Mounted Wine Rack


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We fell in love with the form and function of the Legnoart line of wine items the moment we laid eyes on them. As only the Italians can do, Angela Ladeiroand Antonio Lages have brought beauty to the thing which will hold your wine bottles. It’s like sculpture for the wall. Ultra hip, clean sculpture… Andit frees up counter and cupboard space. Enoteca means wine shop, and this rack allows you to set up shop anywhere you like in your home, or office forthat matter. Hang one like a work of art conversation piece, or several, to create a sea of wine on the wall. Personally, we like to see a lot of wineon the wall…Legnoart: “Italians have a natural and innate taste for good food and wine. At Legnoart we turned this food and wine culture into outown art, creating objects that find their naturally suited place in the world of quality wines and kitchen delicacies. Those who own a Legnoart piece arelike us: they love beauty, function and quality, while appreciating the importance of technical features. They believe daily life is a space to be arrangedand where individual choices can be expressed in pursuit of a new life style that rejects mass consumerism. The care and painstaking attention for details permeates every single product in our collections. Our elegance is minimalist, though the function is impeccableand the uniqueness uncompromising. The material quality is excellent, and we do not intend it to be any less that perfect, and during the production phasewe prefer to fix the small defects in our planks instead of resorting to chemical processes that would make our surfaces all the same. Because the uniquenessand beauty of wood lie in its small imperfections. The product manufacturing phase takes place in a controlled environment, for the purpose of preventingthe wood from enduring thermal shocks throughout the process. Every piece is processed individually, leaving the operator free to chose the best way tobring out the best from the raw material, and the finishing is handmade in order to make the most of every single product. Finally, the company is in directcontrol of the entire manufacturing cycle: as such it ensures flexibility throughout it, as well as high-level quality control.” Screws included for wall mounting. Material: Solid ash wood Dimensions: 29″ high X 2 1/2″ wide Origin: Italy


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