Montes 2019 Purple Angel, Carmenere, Colchagua Valley


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Colchagua the Chilean wine valley with the most international prestige, in which Viña Montes was a pioneer in establishing its production. This valley is located in the central zone of Chile, less than two hours driving from its capital, Santiago. The beautiful vineyards are located in the best terroirs, Apalta and Marchigue where grapes mature slowly with great complexity.Harvest began when flavors in the grapes reached their peak. Picked by hand the grapes arrived at the winery and were processed on the top floor, allowing gravity to later transfer them gently into their fermentation tanks below. First, bunches were selected and destemmed, then individual grapes were sorted, leaving out those that were either too green or shriveled Only those grapes in optimal condition continued to a cold maceration for five to seven days. Selected yeasts were then added and fermentation lasted 12-15 days.Once fermentation was complete, the wine remained in contact with the skins, and its develop…


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