Murai Family Genshu Nigori Sake 720ml


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Brewery: “Momokawa Brewing of Japan’s (MBJ) passion for crafting fine saké dates back centuries to Japan’s Edo Period and has roots in the honorable way of the samurai. It is, however, the modern age of its saké brewing that is most revered. Under the direction of Toji Yoshio Koizumi, the world’s most awarded saké brewer, their saké continues to be extolled in Japan. The 13-member highly skilled and certified brew team is trained in the theory, techniques and traditions of the renowned Nanbu Toji – a school of master brewers that originated in the Iwate Prefecture.Mildly sweet scent with notes of vanilla followed by flavors of coconut, currant, cream, and spice with a velvety, lingering finish. Layered and bold, round and robust.Suggested pairings: Perfect for spicy curry or Latin dishes, mac n’ cheese, cigars* and chocolate lava cake.”Bottle720ml, screw capClassNigori GenshuRiceMasshiguraRice Polishing75%Alcohol19.8%ProfileDry, earthy, floralServing TemperatureShake and enjoy chilledRegionAomori, Japan


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