N’FINITY Double LX Dual Zone MAX Wine Cellar (Stainless Steel Door)


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Introducing Dual Zone MAX, our most flexible Dual Zone wine cellar. Dual Zone MAX technology gives you the ability to set both temperature zones to the same temp allowing you to MAXimize your storage & aging space. Or use your Dual Zone MAX as a traditional Dual Zone cellar. Our innovative 80/20 split Dual Zone MAX give you the MAXimum space to store & age your collection while the top zone can be set to the perfect service temperature for your white, ros & sparkling wines. Sleek Design & State of the art cooling technology Elegant Design Style – Natural wood trim shelving to pair with the seamless stainless steel door. Touchscreen Controls – The electrostatic touchscreen allows you to accurately control temperature settings and lighting. Ultra-Efficient Cooling Technology – Consistent temperatures, energy efficiency and library quiet performance. The NFINITY SD Dual Zone wine cellar is equipped with the highest quality Embraco compressor technology, for years of dependable service and performance. PERFECT FOR STORAGE AND SERVICE Ideal for serving and storing your favorite red, white and sparkling wines DIGITAL CLIMATE CONTROL Intuitive touchscreen controls to easily set desired temperatures – Dual Evaporator Upper and Lower Zones: 41 F – 66 F EQUIPPED WITH ADVANCED COOLING TECHNOLOGY Consistent, stable temperature throughout your cellar – Quieter then comparable units, runs on a low continuous cycle – Energy-efficient performance, reduced annual costs of consumption MAXIMUM STORAGE CAPACITY New innovative shelving design comfortably accommodates every size bottle in your collection. Smart spacing between shelves ensures easy access and proper 3-STAGE LIGHTING Soft white LEDs safely illuminates your bottles, showcasing your wine in style. CONTINUOUS FRESH AIR, ELIMINATES ODORS Charcoal filter (included) maintains proper humidity and ensures that fresh air circulates throughout the cabinet. Additional Features: BUILT-IN OR FREE STANDING Place in any room in your home freestanding or built into cabinetry. LIBRARY QUIET The innovative technology keeps noise to a minimum while also ensuring exact performance, energy efficiency and quiet operation. CONTINUAL FRESH AIR FLOW Charcoal filter (included) ensures that fresh air circulates throughout the cabinet and assists in maintaining proper humidity. ENERGY EFFICIENT Saves money by reducing energy consumption without sacrificing performance.


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