Personalized Finished Full Wine Barrel (Chuck Noon Font)


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The beautiful Whole Refinished Wine Barrel are made from French Oak and Vintage barrels. Wine Barrels are 55 to 60 gallon approx. 36″ tall by 24″ wide. Use as Decor or also makes a fantastic Wine Table. Barrels are finished in a satin urethane that shows off all the true natural beauty that the French oak has to offer. Please Note: Coloration and markings vary greatly on retired wine barrels. Each one is unique, no two alike. These barrels have been stored outside or in humid cellars for years. The wear and look of the barrels is different every time. Rust on the rings and spots on the wood are completely normal, and add character to this decorative piece. Approximate Dimensions: Approx. 36″H X Dia″ 24 W Please also note that the craftsman uses his discretion on the placement of the personalization. He will look for the best spot on the belly of the barrel to place your vineyard name. It may not always be directly opposite the bung hole.


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