Personalized Mini Oak Whiskey Barrel | 1 Liter Barrel | Wooden Stand Included


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Want some fun? Roll out the barrel! Guests will get a big kick out of this little whiskey cask hand-made from American white oak. They’ll be even more surprised when they see it’s a real, functional whiskey barrel—complete with spigot and bung—and not just a decor piece. Like any oak barrel, it’s also designed to properly age your chosen beverage, be it wine, beer, tequila, rum, or any other spirit. Holds 1, 2, or 5 liters. Reinforced with steel hoops. Sits on a wooden stand, included. Comes with care instructions and storing/sterilization tablet. 1, 2, and 5 liter Mini Oak Wine Barrels are sold separately. Personalize first line with name up to 16 characters, second line (under “WHISKEY”)(“Distillery” included) with full distillery name up to 24 characters and third line city and state up to 34 characters. Sizes: 1-Liter Barrel, 6-1/2″L x 4-1/2″Dia. 2-Liter Barrel, 7-1/2″L x 5″Dia. 5-Liter Barrel, 9-1/2″L x 6-1/2″Dia. Note: When curing the barrel for the first time, leakage may occur. This is normal. Simply follow the instructions on sealing the barrel.


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