Raventos i Blanc de Nit Brut Cava Rose 2020


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In 1872 a gentleman by the name of Josep Maria Raventós created the world’s first Cava, and a dynasty was born. Later, Josep Raventós Blanc was instrumental in the establishment of Cava as a D.O. but through it all Josep Raventós Blanc was not satisfied. In 1984 Josep Raventós Blanc took the daring step to sell off his portion of their winery empire, keeping only for himself what he knew to be the very best vineyards on the estate. He then set about creating the finest winery that Spain had ever seen, with no expenses spared in terms of modern winemaking innovations. So….who needs Champagne when bubbly can be as good as this? Amen winelovers!! How about bite-sized potato latkes with smoked salmon, caviar and tarragon crème fraîche?? The delicate and alluring fresh white fruit, whisper of rosewater, Morello cherry notes, and clean purity in this beautifully structured Spanish bubbly will match handsomely with everything from fish to shellfish, pork, and even seared tuna and rare lamb. Have at it! Roasted leg of lamb with potatoes and onions is a great menu choice. The French say to roast the lamb until it’s the color of the wine, or pink… A classic French bouillabaisse loaded with big chunks of lobster might just cause a stampede for seconds, so make sure there’s enough. Prosciutto-wrapped pork loin with roasted apples is fantastic, and made for this Cava Rosé. Open another bottle and serve up a mature French Brie with sea salt and olive oil crackers. For those craving something sweet, make it tart cherry croissant bread pudding with crème anglaise. ¡Venido con nosotros winelovers! Winery: “A tenuous, pale and elegant color pink catches you with sensuality. An intriguing cava that requests a slow aromatic search. The first aroma is clean, pure almost crystalline. Little by little citrus aromas with memories of a touch of fresh white fruit build, and mix with subtle cassís. The nose also gives off a certain creaminess which contributes complexity. The clean and direct sensation on the nose changes radically in the mouth where it becomes a smooth texture, voluminous and fruity with an obliging coolness and fine bubbles. Beginning with a lovely balance, this cava closes with a long-haul finish which stretches on and on to very pleasant memories of fresh fruit. A dynamic and elegant cava which asks to you to be tasted and dares you to discover its power and to enjoy its full, cool texture and sensuality.” MInimum 18 months on lees


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