Red Schooner by Caymus Voyage 10 Malbec


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The folks at Caymus love the Argentine Malbec grape so much, they devised a way to ship it safely home to Napa Valley and make a delicious red, the Caymus way. Enter the Red Schooner wines. Winery: “Red Schooner started with appreciating good Malbec. We considered making this wine from vineyards in Napa Valley, but decided we should source the grapes from the place that is most widely recognized for having ideal conditions for this varietal. We found ourselves asking: Could we create a wine at Caymus Vineyards – our family winery – using fruit from another part of the world? That question inspired the idea for Red Schooner, a “Red Wine of the World” that is about the thrill of voyage and discovery. Grapes for this Malbec are grown in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, then chilled and transported by ocean voyage to Caymus, where we use our winemaking techniques to create a style that is dense, dark and supple. Falling outside standard labeling rules, Red Schooner does not include a vintage date but is known by the voyage from which it traveled (i.e. Voyage 10 is the 2020 vintage). Strikingly smooth, with scents and flavors of dark fruit and fine, textural tannins.”Bottle750ml, corkVarietalMalbecAlcohol14.8%Aging15 months in French oak barrels (50% new)RegionMendoza grapes; produced in Napa Valley, California


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