Riedel Sommeliers Pinot Noir/Burgundy Wine Glass (1)


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The creme de la creme of luxury stems. The Riedel Sommeliers wine glass line is the top-of-the-line series of stemware from the legendary Riedel. Wine experts agree that glassware makes a profound difference on how wines taste. Riedel Sommeliers wine glasses are the benchmark and the most successful series of hand-made glasses in the world. The wine glass bowls are mouth-blown into a mould, the stem and base are handcrafted using ancient glass-making methods. Recommend to hand wash. The Riedel Sommeliers Pinot Noir / Burgundy wine glass reveals the glory of top-class Burgundies and Pinot Noir wines. The large bowl allows the bouquet to develop to the fullest, while the slightly flared top lip maximizes the fruit flavors by directing the wine to the front palate which ensure the fruit is highlighted while keeping the acidity of the wine in balance. Recommended for: Burgundy (red), Barbaresco, Barolo, Beaujolais Grand Cru. Size: 9-3/4″H x 3-3/4″ Dia., 37 oz. Riedel Model # 4400/16


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