Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir/Burgundy Wine Glasses (Set of 2)


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Riedel Vinum Wine Glasses make every drop of wine taste its best. Riedel revolutionized glassware by customizing the shape of wine glasses to a particular type of wine. Each wine glass is fine-tuned to direct the flow of the wine onto parts of the palate that will best express the flavors and aromas of a specific wine varietal. The fine crystal offers superb clarity so you can experience the wine’s color and texture.Moreover, all machine made Vinum stems are completely dishwasher safe. The Ridel Vinum Pinot Noir / Burgundy wine glass is ideal for full-bodied red wines with high acidity and moderate tannins. Its slightly tapered rim directs the flow of wine toward the front palate, highlighting the rich fruit while tempering the acidity. The generously sized bowl provides ample breathing space for the bouquet to develop, capturing the nuances of the wine’s aromas. Recommended for: Barbaresco, Barbera, Barolo, Burgundy (red), Gamay, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir. Size: 8-1/4″H, 24-3/4 oz. Riedel Model # 6416/7


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