Selbach-Oster Pinot Blanc 2020


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Winery: A cool little vogue behind this charming and singular critter. It hails from a steep slate vineyard and receives a teensy smooch of cask, so you get a pike quenelle PB with a slatey energy.”Selbach-Oster Riesling vineyards lie on a 4-mile / 7 km stretch along the Mosel starting in Zeltingen, upstream to Wehlen, Graach and Bernkastel. Vines have been cultivated here since Roman times. Every single vineyard on that short stretch of river has its own special environment and microclimate-its terroir. Each single lot of wine in the cellar shows its own individual, complex “fingerprint”. No single day is alike and each year, each vintage has its own unique character, its “signature”. The grapes mature slowly in a very long, temperate growing season. All the above represent traditional “values” which we at Selbach-Oster cherish; we try to refine and preserve the liquid result in the bottle, the sleek, tall green Mosel-bottle. All this in order to present you with Riesling the way we like it: with elegance, complexity and depth of flavor. With the subtlety and fragrance of flowers and the intense mineral quality from our slate soils. With the taste of delicate fruit and a lingering, crisp finish. The way it has always been.”Bottle750mlVarietal Pinot BlancAlcohol13%Region Mosel


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