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It might be time to join a few more wine clubs! The stylish Bin Short is the open-faced, compact offering in the Case & Crate line. At just 3.5 feet in height, it can fit below Wall Series wall mounted wine racks or counters. Each Bin Short holds 48 bottles or more in cork-forward style. Create the wine cellar of your dreams with the most modular wine storage bin on the market. This system has an affordable price per bottle, allowing you to expand to the side to up the bottle count. The Bin Short is easy to install and ships same day. Tall units (two Lockers stacked on each other) are also available. Dimensions: 48 Bottles: 42-3/4″H x 15-1/4″W x 14″D 96 Bottles: 42-3/4″H x 29″W x 14″D 144 Bottles: 42-3/4″H x 42-3/4″W x 14″D 192 Bottles: 42-3/4″H x 56-1/2″W x 14″D Details: The most modular wine storage bin on the market Holds standard 750ml bottles Open front Great for wine storage projects small and large Pairs well with Wall Series metal wine racks


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