VintageView Wall Series Big Btl Rack (4 Btl)


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VintageView Wall Series Big Bottle Wine Rack (4 Bottle) The Big Bottle Wall Series option is designed for our favorite type of collectors: Those who can defined the terms Double Magnum, Jerobaom or Imperial. The steel rods are specially designed to hold bottles as large as 6L! When you have several Big Bottles, you better invite friends to marvel at the contemporary display – and help enjoy the 48 glasses an Imperial holds. As with our entire Wall Series offerings, these racks are stackable and may be cut to create configurations for any wine room project. Constructed of high-quality steel with powder coated or plated finishes, our racks are durable, easy to install and great for both residential and commercial applications. Specifics: 4-bottle capacity (single-bottle depth) Holds 3L, 4.5L, 6L and Champagne magnums 30-inch height 4 standard finishes Installs direct to drywall, wood and concrete surfaces Stackable will all other Wall Series racks (hardware included) Steel construction Created for the most discerning collectors and enthusiasts to display their finest vintages. This innovative racking system stores bottles with the labels facing out for a dynamic presentation and easy accessibility to the wine you want. Exceptionally flexible, easy to install and surprisingly affordable, stores from as few as nine bottles to many thousands. The only wine storage solution that fits into narrow spaces, like hallways and under staircases. It also provides the perfect airflow between bottles and is available in three- or four-foot lengths, accommodating bottles stored one, two or three deep. 3-6 Liter bottle rack. 4 rows, 1 bottle deep, wall mounted Size: 10″ – 14″W x 28″H.


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