West Pole by Boheme 2018 Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast


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From Edible Magazine “The story of Kurt Beitler and his Bohème wines begins in the earliest days of California’s wine history. One of Beitler’s ancestors was the director of Napa’s Beaulieu Vineyard’s first vintage in 1900. Another was the winemaker for Inglenook, also in Napa’s Rutherford AVA, in the early 1900s. In 1972, his wonderfully spirited grandfather, Charlie Wagner, founded Rutherford’s iconic Caymus Vineyards…Beitler’s wines are world-class, in short supply and worth considerably more(than their price tag) given their excellence.”The West Pole by Boheme Wines was founded in vintage 2017 by fifth-generation vintner, Kurt Beitler. Honoring his home of twenty years (Occidental, California), Kurt delighted in the town’s old and jesting nickname, West Pole. Thirty-one Pinot Noir barrels from his flagship venture, Bohème, were selected for the inaugural West Pole Sonoma Coast cuvée. Each component was estate-grown (including six Pinot Noir selections averaging 26% whole clust…


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