WhisperKOOL Slimline LS Cooling System


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Utilizing the best available technology, WhisperKOOL has created an entirely new design with enhanced features which offer powerful performance, quiet operation, and longevity to protect your investment in fine wine. The new Slimline LS has evolved into a unit that can cool at two capacities at the flip of a switch. We have added centrifugal blowers, which are significantly quieter and can also be set at a medium or low speed, larger coils for greater system capacity, and an improved condensate management system. The controller has been moved to the condenser side of the unit for easy access. We offer a UV light upgrade to protect your unit from mold and an interchangeable decorative grille to customize the look of your luxury system. Key Features Two Speed Fan Switch – The unit is now equipped with a 2-speed fan switch, which allows a low setting for quieter operation or a medium setting for maximized performance. Quiet Operation – The Slimline LS boasts a new fan system that has optimized system performance, allowing the unit to operate at a significantly lower noise level. New Duramax Coils – Our latest coil innovation maximizes performance while providing system longevity, protecting coils from formic acid and leaks over time. Condensate Management – Our new, efficient condensate management system evaporates up to 3 OZ of water an hour, which renders the drain line as an additional safeguard. Interchangeable Decorative Panel – The system is designed to add a customizable, decorative panel, which enables customers to create a unique look above the doorway of their cellar. Controller Relocation – The controller is now mounted on the condenser side of the unit, allowing the system to be monitored without disturbing the cellar’s atmosphere.


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