Wine Enthusiast Private Preserve Wine Preservation Spray (Set of 2)


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Your opened wine’s blanket of protection. Endorsed by some of the country’s best-known wine critics, this system uses 100% non-toxic, inert gas (Argon, CO2 and Nitrogen) to remove all of the oxygen from your opened bottle. Preserve your wine’s freshness in 4 easy steps. Now in a set of 2 1) Insert included tube securely into nozzle with a twisting motion. 2) Place the tip of the tube into the neck of the bottle midway down and against the glass. 3) Have cork or stopper ready on top of bottle resting against the tube. 4) Spray for 1/2 of a second and then 4 shorter bursts, both quickly pull the tube out and insert cork or stopper into the bottle. An amazing 120-plus uses per 1 can. Remember in order to keep your wine fresh, you have to seal your wine bottles with a stopper.


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