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The Wine Guardian ductless split wine-cellar cooling unit is an entirely new, cutting edge system. Its versatile enough for either surface mounting or space-saving through-the-wall mounting, while providing the flexibility of a split system. If you are the owner of a small wine cellar but have limited or no room for mechanical equipment or if you are unable to accommodate ductwork, this unit is the ideal wine cellar conditioner for you. The Wine Guardian wine cellar ductless split system offers high ambient protection in a sleek, newly styled condensing unit. The condensing unit comes in a small footprint, giving it the ability to mount to a variety of structures. The ductless split wine cellar cooling system has several different options available. The available electric heater is a factory-mounted option that will protect your wine cellar from cold ambient temperatures. A standalone humidifier is a necessary addition if the wine cellar consistently sees low relative humidity (RH) levels. Lastly, Wine Guardians remote monitoring and sensing system allows the user to place up to three (3) remote sensors in the wine cellar to monitor average cellar conditions at different locations in the cellar (near the ceiling, near the floor, etc). This information is continuously relayed to the cooling unit and to the remote interface controller. Standard Features Commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant construction for long-term durability Fan-coil can be mounted through-the-wall or surface mount- exclusive to this unit Condensing unit operating capacities from 40F/4C to 115F/46C Condensing unit standard with outdoor enclosure Small footprint- fan coil fits well within racking or above a doorway Quiet and efficient operation Adjustable louvers Options Available electric heater Standalone humidifier Remote monitoring and sensing Low ambient protection (to a minimum of 0F/-18C) Serving Temperature Cooling Additional Information BTU: 250 – 2520 BTU/h Kilowatts: 0.07 – 0.74 Kilowatts


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