WinePrO2 Proactive Decanter & Preservation System


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A quantum leap in decanting technology, this is no aerator! Patented technology takes less than 1 second to achieve two to three hours of traditional decanting using pure Oxygen. Developed to dispel the subjectivity associated with “aerator devices”, the WinePrO2 is backed with real data. Results that can be tasted Instantly! It employs user replaceable oxygen decanting cartridges that deliver measurable results. Each cartridge provides 60 – 1 second uses, enough to decant at least a full case of wine (12 750ml bottles) by the glass, or at least 60 glasses of spirits. Don’t “aerate” it – “PrO2” it! Inserting the preservation cartridge allows the user to extend the freshness of wine or spirits remaining in an unfinished bottle to extend the useful life. The WinePrO2®employs user replaceable Argon (Ar) preserving cartridges with enough gas to preserve up to 60 opened 750ml bottles. Wine Enthusiast Exclusive Introductory Offer: For a limited time double the cartridges: System includes two cartridges each of Decant (Oxygen) and Preserve (Argon) The WinePrO2 system comes with a 1 year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA WITH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC PARTS. Built to last with high quality materials and a majority of stainless steel components throughout.


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